Writing from Mexico – 2 – Two Days in Singapore

Part two of my ramblings follows – it’s a rainy day here in Playa del Carmen you see so we’re tucked up in our little flat enjoying some more time in which we do absolutely nothing.  Well to be fair – Steve made eggs and toast for breakfast and McGuyver’d up a cup of coffee and I made a huge tuna pasta salad for lunch (which we’ll also have for dinner most likely).. and I had a shower.  So not NOTHING nothing – but almost nothing.

Chinatown and The Marina Bay Area

Anyway – where was I previously?  Oh yes – Singapore.  Lovely start with the early check in and so after a two hour power nap we took off to explore – I think we set off for yum char first – our research having told us that the best Yum Place was in an area called Chinatown (hardly surprising really was it?) and that the most recommended restaurant was actually called.. wait for it – Yum Char.  Hmm.  img_5776Quite confusing – thank goodness for google maps aye? Imagine trying to ‘splain to a taxi driver in Singapore that you wanted to be taken to a restaurant called Yum Char in Chinatown!  They would have rightly assumed you were either thoroughly confused as a tourist or soft in the head.  I mean who in their right minds calls a Yum Char restaurant ‘Yum Char’?? I suppose it’s like finding a country and calling the north island the North Island and the south one the South Island.  Bet the greatly erudite explorers were pissed off when they discovered Stewart Island.  They would’ve been like: “Damit!! We should have called the other one the Middle Island!  What shall we call this one then?  Tell you what – let’s call it Stewart after me first cousin.  Cold little bastard he was too.”  I can see it all now.  The Maori must have been laughing.  Well they would have been if they hadn’t been busy being invaded.


Man that reminds me of that joke that was going around – that some Native American tribe called Donald Trump ‘Walking Eagle’.  On account of his being a “Bird so full of own shit, can no longer fly”.  Ha!  Holy hell how crazy has the world become?  Donald Trump.  Makes me realise even more so – that I am NOT in the majority.  And I do not think like the majority.  I need to build a commune full of like-minded people and we can all go live on an island somewhere.  Maybe Mars.


But I digress.


Yes restaurant found and yum char eaten we took off for an img_5791explore of Chinatown then decided it was too hot for exploration and caught another subway to the Marina Bay area where we wandered about some more and decided to visit the rooftop bar – amazing views and puts in perspective how much Singapore has invested in being a tourist attraction.. really is a country committed and good for it!  Lots of lovely little things to see and do around there and all of it manufactured deliberately. We then went to a restaurant (another highly recommended one on Trip Advisor) called Wing Seoung Fatty’s (which I took as a very good sign) and had the BEST asian meal for less than $30.  SO AMAZING.  Stuffed full (of course we over ate) and barely able to move, we went back to the waterfront for our final mission of the day: img_5806 watching
some sort of fireworks and water show that happens there every night.  Well.  We made it there.  And it was indeed a show.  But it was WEIRD. img_5814  Something about cutesy children and butterflies and puppies turning into military and olympic stars and Singapore national pride and singers doing covers of awful cheesy songs – all of whose images were projected onto screens of water that were thrown up from the harbour.. oh with smoke machines, lasers, and bubble machines and fireworks.  Steve was so full and exhausted from the day of walking in the high heat that he actually fell asleep at the end of the whole thing!  I had to wake him and convince him to haul his sorry butt back to the hotel.


And let me tell you – by this point our feet were NOT happy with us.  Having done an average of less than 1km of walking per day in the month of September (according to Steve’s phone) we were woefully unprepared (physically) for the realities of actually moving around quite so much!  Good thing Steve had bought those excellent shoes for the wedding which were really good Timberland walking / hiking boots!  They looked after his poor aching feet as best they could and I of course had my trusty converse boots which were holding up brilliantly 🙂  Still my best shoe purchase ever.

Little India and The Gardens by the Bay

img_5826The next day our feet were REALLY SORE but we we had to check out at 11am and our departing flight was only at 10pm!  So we HAD to get out and about.. what did we do?  Oh yeah – went to Little India which was a riot of colour due to the upcoming Diwali festival and I dragged Steve to that institution of all South Indians who travel through Singapore – img_5830Komala Vilas!  I had a Ghee Roast Dosa and Steve had an Onion Uthappam.  I also had a mango lassi which was incredibly good.  Just the right mix of tart yoghurt and sweet (actual) mango flavour.. how do they do it??  Anyway – despite the awesomeness of the meal we actually both agreed that Wing Seoung Fatty’s was better so that’s it for Komala Vilas for me – it’s been a great 34 years of visiting it every time I set foot in Singapore but I’m finally done with it.  The love affair is over and the time has come for sweet honey roast pork.  Sweet sweet pork.  Sigh.


Anyway – I digress again.


Where was I?  Oh yes – day two (well the last day) of Singapore – bellies full of indian vegetarian goodness we took off to try to find the Gardens by the Bay which promised more walking.. well byimg_5852 this point we were both completely screwed – our feet were throbbing in protest and so we took every shortcut we could – subways, golf carts – anything to prevent more walking.   Which was all a bit futile but we hobbled painfully through the gardens none the less then walked ALL AROUND the food court at the Marina Bay sands TWICE before Steve conceded that Wing Seoung Fatty’s was good young to justify two visits.  So across town we went – had another ENORMOUS meal – then back to the hotel to shower and change for the trip to London.  My feet were so sore at this point I couldn’t bear to have them rest on the ground while I sat so had them up on something as much as possible.  So awkward and embarrassing – oh your feet are sore?  Why is that?  Oh because you’ve been such a fat lazy shit for most of your life that walking for 6kms or more per day is killing your feet?  Oh boo hoo.  I was disgusted at myself.

The Flight to London

The flight to London was even better than the AirNZ one.  Singpore airlines is THE way to fly IMHO.  The service was genuinely kind and thoughtful, the food spectacular, and they even had a special cocktail on board (the Singapore Sling of course) for all who wanted one.  And we were lucky enough to be sat RIGHT AT THE BACK of the plane – where no one else wanted to sit – so we had whole rows to ourselves 🙂 Steve got four seats to stretch out in and I had three 🙂  so we got ACTUAL sleep as well!! Best. Flight. Ever.


And I think my tales of London will have to wait till the next post because I’ve rambled on rather a lot already for one day.


Lots of love and rainy paw prints!

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