Writing from Mexico – 1 – Leaving AKL and Landing in Singapore

Executive Summary of Mexico Experience To-Date

So overall (this is my executive summary of the trip thus far) I have to say it’s great.  Not just great – but actually totally awesome.  I am doing SWEET F A ALL DAY LONG and I really really REALLY enjoy that.  Food is actually becoming less of a focus in my life as I do my best to become the laziest poo I have ever been so far.  I have plumbed depths – wait – ‘depths’ is a bad word, let’s say that I have reached dizzying heights of laziness that I knew were possible but always assumed were out of my reach due to my love of food and OCD.  I think I went an entire day without eating or tidying up anything at all and sleeping for almost all of it.  Granted that was because I was violently sick the night before so had zero appetite and no energy to do anything other than clutch my duvet in abject self pity and sleep but still – in retrospect – amazingly lazy in outcome.  So yes, there have been highs and lows – here’s how they went:

Leaving Auckland

Well the last day in Auckland was chaotic to say the least.  My very last day at work – was rather surrealimg_5767 having to say goodbye to people I had got used to seeing 5/7 days for the last 5 years.  Hadn’t planned properly what I was going to say at the leaving afternoon tea so muddled my way through- did say that I was thankful for the hordes of clever people at Agility for keeping me humble and challenging me to learn more and stretch the mind further. Someone once said that if you’re the smartest person in the room – you are in the wrong room.  I wasn’t sure why Gary was still there but Agility always made me feel like I was in the right room.  And they got me the most magnificent cake I’ve ever had the privilege to be in the same room with:  Behold my leaving cake.  Glorious!!


We hadn’t planned how we were getting to the airport or finished packing (sorry Su) so yeah.  Rushed and a bit mad.  As per usual really – but also as per usual – it did all come together in the end with Hema and Madhav coming over with little cutie-poo Kiran img_5772to pick up Su’s keys (thanks Hema!) and Roger and Niki making themselves free to join us for our last dinner in Auckland (at a Thai place in Ponsonby of all places) and driving us and our meagre luggage to our flight 🙂 I did wear my Agility sweatshirt and jacket to the airport and I think Roger was quietly horrified for me.  And I think I was a little horrified for me as well but frankly – this trip is NOT about fashion.  I am not concerned in the least about looking good (well – at this stage in the trip I didn’t think I would be) so I had resolutely only packed practical things like shorts, plain t-shirts and jeans and jackets.  The only dresses I took were some really light ones – two Carly Harris sway dresses – and also one AW dress and that orange floaty dress you see me in at home all the time – it’s just so friggin comfortable and I figure (quite rightly) that I could use the sway dresses as a beach cover over bikinis.  Oh yeah – only took two of those as well!  So all up I was pretty proud of how little I packed until I realised that my suitcase was 25kg and Steve’s bag was.. 9kg.  Sigh,  how boys pack so little is beyond me.  Anyway – good thing his backpack could fit my books and toiletries so that sorted out my weight issues and on the plane we went!

The flight

The flight to Singapore was as usual – wonderful.  Air New Zealand provided excellent service IMHO though Steve was less than impressed with the two large burly air stewards that kept ramming into his elbow (he had an aisle seat) while he was trying to eat or drink!  I have to say that I have a new found appreciation for how hard airline space is on someone of Steve’s height.  I used to think it was only the overweight that the small sized seats were disadvantaging but due to this height and associated ganglyness – Steve would have stuck out of that space like a stick insect trying to put on a turtleneck no matter how heavy he was.  I did also think two large air stewards were an amusing pairing for one section of the plane on an 11-hour long haul to Singapore but hey – they did look like they were having fun 🙂  I wish I could remember what we had for dinner (you know how I love my airline food) but I’ve had so many amazing meals since it’s clean left my mind.  I think something like chicken and noodles with Kapiti ice cream comes to mind.


And oh God all the NZ food I miss!! REAL ice cream and cheese and milk – and any thing dairy based TBH.  We have the BEST most high quality dairy foods in NZ so on my behalf – would you all go out there and have some of it?  Goddamn the stuff here is such a pale imitation of it all that it breaks (a very small and insignificant) part of my heart to think of it.  The ice cream is cloying, the milk watery and the cheese unspeakable.  Let us never speak of it again actually.


Where am I?  Oh goodness only up to the FLIGHT to Singapore?  FFS I need to speed this up.

Landing in Singapore

Ok – Singapore:  Landed at like 7am or something equally inhuman – wandered about airport looking for tickets to the MRT (Singapore subway) and hopped on the train to get to our hotel, our check in time was 3pm but we figured that we’d at least be able to drop our bags off and wander about the city for a bit.  BUT we got there and were allowed into our room a full 7 hours ahead of check in!  It was GLORIOUS.  Because of course we didn’t get nearly enough sleep on the plane and were nowhere near fresh enough to wander about Singapore’s 26 degree heat having just exited an 11-hour flight in my thermals and jeans!   I have to say that the Intercontinental Singapore was the most luxurious of all our stays on this trip but also the most expensive BY FAR.  It was about $350 per night which is what we’re paying for a WEEK here in Mexico – often less 🙂 But it was probably worth it for a good start to our trip – we had a beautiful space to clean up and re charge in and it was a lovely base for our wanderings.


Anyway, I have rambled on far enough for tonight – more to follow.


Much love & margaritas!

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