In-flight Musings on Whakatane & Self

Still in the same plane (between AKL and HKG), looking out over a sky of sunrise haze this time.  Imagine a blurred landscape of horizontal swathes of colour.. purples, pinks, oranges, yellows.. and finally a whiteish-blue.

I have changed into more Hong Kong appropriate clothing (cotton dress > merino + denim for HK weather) and having washed my face in the smallest bathroom in the word (tiled in brown inch squares no less), I feel more human.

I feel also like I need to write of my time in Whakatane.  Or at least, give some of my impressions voice:

IMG_8810We left Auckland on a stormy day, in a very small plane [Beechcraft 1900D to be precise] and despite the awful (awful) weather, the flight was incredibly smooth.

I quietly put that down to the skills of the rather good looking co-pilot who I had the pleasure of observing from my front-row 1F seat.


And what to say of Whakatane itself? It is a pretty little place.  Green, lush, sunkissed.. all of the usual superlatives one accords small town New Zealand.

I do recall an incredible chill wind, an interesting rocky mountain (hill?) side, and a low but picturesque river.. with the outline of the Mount in the background.  

The work was not too challenging – weIMG_8819 spent all out time talking to people about their day to day jobs.  And I like that.  Talking to people.  Maybe helping in some small way, either by sharing my knowledge or just listening.  I’ve listened to people for so long that I realise sometimes that I find it hard to be the one doing the talking.

Maybe this blog will help 🙂

Anyway – coming into land; will write more later.


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