Flight AKL-HKG

Somewhere over the route from Auckland to Hong Kong.

Just finished watching ‘Her’ – and am feeling pleasantly content.  My tummy is full of a perfect breakfast of cereal and milk AND yoghurt and fruit (oh the excess!).

I am warm, safe, well.. as safe as I could wish being in a long haul flight.. and yes: temporarily content with my place in the world.

That movie.. was beautiful.  The images, the sounds.  The story was new and fresh but at the same time – it is a story of love and loss and change.  And that’s an oldie: that story.


Makes me reflect on those I have loved and lost.  And how I have changed.  I am, deep down, content with my losses.  For they are ultimately a gain of sorts.

I have become me in the process and frankly: I rather like myself.  So the process served a purpose I would not deny it.

I look out my tiny airplane window and see the wide, tapered wing silhouetted against a clam moonlit sky of silvery cloud.

It is very beautiful.

The moon itself is a cold sphere of luminescence, suspended perfectly in the middle of my view.  The whole thing is a study in contemplative beauty.

Oh and guess what just happened?  I got a warm cup of jasmine tea and put this journal down for a moment to savour it and look outside.. I notice a huge cumulous shaped like the head of a brown bear and smiled to myself at still being compelled to find recognisable forms in clouds and then: guess what happened?!

The bears head flashed purple!  It was lightening!  The clouds were afire with it!

Flashes, veins, of bright purple electricity illuminating the silvery – grey from within!  Oh the happiness and wonder that inspired in this energyphillic little heart!  I hardly know how to describe it.

So I won’t try.


But I feel so lucky to have seen lightening from above, and within.. and I look out now at a dark but lightening sky where the moon has returned.

I look forward to the sun.  And to writing, and living, more.


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